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Connect Music Licensing.

Connect Music Licence  

Did you know it's only legal for a DJ or anyone else in Canada to play music publicly from a hard drive if they have this license and the original CD's/LP's/Cassette Tapes to back it up, or if they subscribe to a CONNECT Music Licensing,(formerly AVLA), approved music supply service like ERG Music Canada :)


Does My DJ Need Insurance?


Liability Insurance?  

If your DJ is a professional who does this for a living it would be very surprising that your DJ does not already have liability insurance in place.

Quite simply it is protection for the person hiring the DJ and the DJ's business. If there is an accident and someone gets injured the attorney may sue anyone and everybody remotely connected, including even the bride and groom. Even if you are not liable there are defense costs to consider and they can be staggering.

Bottom line is if you are hiring a DJ be sure to ask if they have liability insurance and if they can provide proof. When you retain the services of KGB Entertainment rest assured you are sufficiently protected in the event of an unexpected occurrence.

Better to be safe than sorry.

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